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Must eat here!

June 21, 2023

If ur traveling thru Casper and looking for Italian, Bosco’s will not disappoint. The service was outstanding and the food was the best Italian I have ever had. Look no further. You’ll love it! We need to keep places like this around as they are true gems.

Cindy Warren

Exceeded my expectations!

December 12, 2021

Wow…… WOW. I ordered Bosco’s through UberEats. At first I thought there was a typo for the steak meal, because no way was there a 16 oz steak, soup, salad, alfredo, and garlic bread for $22. But sure enough… I received ALL OF THE ABOVE. And not only was this huge meal at an amazing price, but it was DELICIOUS. Wow. Exceeded all of my expectations. I really didn’t think anything could compete with Olive Garden bread sticks… And I love me some garlic bread, I’ve had enough to know my stuff. So, my expectations were high. But I’ll be damned. This is my absolute favorite garlic bread. Ever. By the way, this was a whole freaking loaf of bread. Huge. And so yummy. Bye bye olive garden… Forever. Yes. That’s how good this place is. I can’t even recommend this place enough. I can’t wait to order again and explore new menu items!!! Thanks, Bosco’s for an absolutely amazing meal.

MaryAlice Liska

Double those 5 stars!

February 17, 2020

Wow. This was a gem to find. Very small eatery with a nice vibe. We got a reservation and were glad we did. They have around 20 or so tables. The decor is red checked tablecloths and nice wood furnishings. Very inviting.

We were promptly seated and our server gave us a rundown on the menu items. Lots of great looking pasta dishes with very tasty sounding sauces. We could see from other tables that this was serious Italian cuisine and the portions were good. They also do a bustling takeout business we could see from the boxes of food going out the door.

So, in the middle of the Rocky Mountain West, we ordered Shrimp Scampi and the Scallop Dinner. The meals were served on a bed of just-right al dente pasta with each sauce being deliciously paired with the seafood. The minestrone soup was rich and delicious and the salad course was ample and fresh with a balsamic dressing that worked perfectly. A bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio was just minerally enough but still soft and delicious with our seafood.

This was my birthday and the waitress brought us a nice little sundae with ice cream, chocolate, pizzelle, and a candle to top off the evening.

What a great place. This is a family restaurant and the woman in the kitchen has been cooking and running the place for 47 years. We have seafood from coast to coast and in some pretty well known restaurants. We’ve never had better scampi or, especially, scallops in our travels.

Moby W

Love, love, love

January 23, 2020

Always the best Italian food every time!! We have been coming here for years and it is our ultimate favorite lunch or dinner.

Mia M

Incredible place!

December 23, 2023

What an incredible place. The food is fantastic, you really understand why they have been open for as long as it has. We were there the friday before Christmas and the place was hopping but they timed all of our orders just right, and it looked beautiful; they decked the place out for the holidays, a great touch. Great food, great energy, great vibe. 100% recommend, can’t wait to go back.

Jessica Hudson

This place is awesome!

February 15, 2022

The food was fantastic and the price was beyond reasonable! Feels like going to my grandparent’s home.

Robert Miller

Outstanding food and service

April 12, 2020

We got takeout from Bosco’s last weekend and it was wonderful! The special was lobster bisque, green salad (which includes salad shrimp), garlic bread and seafood Alfredo. The sauce was rich, thick and flavorful and full of seafood. Everything was wonderful and ready to pick up curbside. Bosco’s is always a great choice!

Judy T

Best Italian in Casper!

February 12, 2019

Boscos has been a main stay for Italian food in Casper for a long time. Always good home style food. Not fancy and families are welcome. Fairly small so may want to check ahead or wait for a table. Won’t be dissapointed!


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